Las fotos son con carácter orientativo, el aspecto final del plato puede diferir a la imagen mostrada.

Pictures are for guidance only. The final appearance of the plate may differ from the image shown.

The "lágrima" is the meat between the ribs, grilled, with...

Lácteos Sulfitos

Traditional greek salad

Vegano Pistachos Sulfitos Semillas

Warm rice salad with avocado, grapes and pistachios.


Iberian pork tenderloin with mascarpone and black garlic sauce


Homemade croquettes


Broken eggs with iberian ham

Pescado Sulfitos

Marinated anchovies with fried garlic and palm honey


Seasoned avocados

Grilled iberian lean pork fill with fries

Sulfitos Huevo

Cold Andalusian tomato soup


Grilled Boneless iberian pork chuck fillets with fries and Oporto´s...


For children: Breaded chicken breast strips with fries or salad...


Broken eggs with Burgos black sausage and caramelized onion

Huevo Lácteos Sulfitos Mostaza

Broken eggs with fried bacon and cheese cheddar sauce